Why use strong cotton rope leash?

Cotton Rope Leash
One of the most important essential for your dog is their leash. The right choice of leash will make your dog happy and feel more comfortable. Unfortunately, most people buy nylon and synthetic leashes simply because they are easily available in pet stores like PetSmart and PetValu. These leashes are also the cheapest options and come in a wider variety of colors.

But YOU, you can choose a better option for your dog. Your dog is a member of your family and you always want to have the best for your furry loved one. Let's consider the cotton rope leashes. These leashes are handmade from high-quality cotton rope, which has many benefits for you and your dog.

First, the cotton rope leashes are much more comfortable for your dog, as they won't feel itchy or scratchy on your dog's skin. Also, these cotton rope leashes are not likely to fray, and are very cost effective since they last for many years, so you don't really need to replace them on a frequent basis. They are also very soft rope easy on your hands, even when your dog pulls. Last, they are all customized uniquely for you and your dog. You can choose the length (4ft, 5ft, or 6ft) and the width (3/8" or 1/2") for your leash. They come in a variety of colors based on the seasonal collections, and they are made with high-qualty hardware (GOLD, SILVER, or ROSE GOLD).

So why look further? Go for the cotton rope leashes. Puppy Artisan's leashes are hadmade from cotton rope and high-quality hardware. You can also have a sneak peek on our collars and leashes collection too. Our goal is to provide dog parents and their beloved dogs a personal touch in every leash we made with love and care.

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