Tricks to teach your dog the “sit” command

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Dog tricks are a great way to keep your dog mentally and physically sharp.

There are also many other benefits of trick training too. You can strengthen your relationship with your dog since you spend a lot of training time with him. You can also teach your dog patience and work hard for a reward. It also helps draining off your dog's excess energy too.

One of the easiest tricks your dog can learn is the "sit" command. To teach this trick, first, you need to hold a treat in your hand to catch your dog's attention. Then, you can hold the treat above his head in a way that your dog cannot reach. Slowly, guide him to reach up and back so that he moves into the sit position naturally, to get his treat. As soon as your dog sits, or try his best to sit, reward him for the hard work. Repeat and reward until your dog understands the sit command.

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