Walking your dog in winter time with a strong cotton rope leash

Helen and Max

Does your dog love to go out during the winter time? If the answer is yes, then you should keep your pet safe while outside. You need to check the weather and windchill ahead of time and wear a good coat and boots for your pet when out for winter walks. But even with a good warm coat and boots, do not keep him outside for too long in freezing temperatures. Spend more time outdoors on sunny days instead.

You should also look after your dog for any signs of coldness, such as whining, licking his paws excessively, and shivering. If that is the case, then you need to take him home immediately. At home, you should also wipe his paws after the winter walk and moisturize them with coconut oil to prevent dry, flaky skin.

Last thing to consider is to have a light high-quality leash, especially walking around ice-covered areas such as frozen lakes and ponds. If your dog is running around the icy areas, you don't really know how thick the ice is, and your dog could easily fall into the icy water, pulling you along with him. So better get the light solid cotton rope leash for extra safety for you and your beloved dog. Also check out our collars and leashes collection too!

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